UX/UI Product Designer

Laura comes from a visual design background and has developed her expertise to include user interface design, user experience design, service design, and corporate identity design.

Currently at Azul Seven, Laura contributes and leads efforts for intricate digital products from start to finish. In deep ethnographic research, she builds empathy to improve service experiences for customers and end users. Additionally, Laura has over three years experience teaching and facilitating service design and innovation methodologies to executive teams nationally.


Selected Work Samples

Guy Strong Photography

Logo & Brand Standards

FOAT Design

Identity System & eCommerce Website

National Electronics Brand

eCommerce Website


Seasonal Greetings

Letterpress Greeting Cards & Poster

Major Metropolitan Public Health

Mobile Responsive Website


Logo & Identity System


Logos & Identities

Official Lock-ups & Concepts

Personal Projects

Greeting Cards


Laura is involved in many leading-edge innovation projects and respects the confidentiality of her clients:


Technical Background

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Recent Employment

Azul Seven – Designer
Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 2011 - Current

Media 1 Interactive
Multimedia Contract Designer
February – June 2011

Fairly Painless Advertising
Design & Video Intern
May – August 2010

Technical Skills Overview

Visual Design
User interface and brand identity

User Experience
Building wireframes and prototypes, facilitating user testing, conducting ethnographic research, using service design tools and techniques.

Innovation Training
Coaching and facilitation

Degree & Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Communication

Northern Michigan University
December, 2010

Biomimicry: A Sustainable
Design Methodology

Four-week Online Course
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
March-April 2015


Meet Laura

Outside of work, Laura is typically outside enjoying hikes, fishing, cycling, camping, and various winter sports. She's recently taken up a few hobby classes to learn tactile skills of sewing, pottery throwing on the wheel, and proper floral centerpiece making.